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Name plates are critical factors in ensuring safety and providing exact data information. All the companies focus on improving their brand identity with a strong mission to sell more and achieve more. But how often these companies think that buyers are spending too much money on these metal name plates?

Buyers likely hesitate to spend much on these items, but they also focus on quality. Most of the name plate manufacturer struggle to supply with a cost-effective system. Obviously, they search for a system to cut-down their production cost with no compromise in quality measures.

Many name plate buyers require a better price to accomplish their branding needs. Name plate manufacturer chooses different measures to cut-down the cost, they are

Mark Name plates:


Marking equipments have become more cost-effective and easily affordable. You can mark in house by purchasing blank tags and marking the necessary information. It eliminates the need for individual tags and reduce cost. Thereby, customers gain time and money.



It’s not just a financial word. It’s easy to consolidate tags into a single material. This allows you to print several parts of the same material, but reduces the setup and overhead cost. Eradicating size reduces the tooling cost and set up for a name plate manufacturer.


If you keep your name plates smaller, larger is your savings. Sometimes, you may require a larger name plate according to your industry’s specification. It’s easy to adjust the size of these name plates. Manufacturers should focus on providing name plates in different shapes and size based on the customer specification.

Have a conversation :

Have a discussion with your manufacturer. In order to reduce your cost, manufacturers may provide different modification methods. For example – you can choose a less expensive metal, vary its thickness, Use a different printing process and make it easily affordable.

Future plans:

Planning for the future could save you a bit of money. Rather than giving time to time requirements, placing a large order will make it more affordable. It helps in large production runs at a single time than several small runs.


Everyone likes to save a bit in all their purchases. Name plate manufacturer focus on creating a high quality name plates at affordable cost to satisfy their customers. They ensure to provide high quality products on time, within your desired budget. Choosing name plates based on the right shape and size may save extra dollars in your account.

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Branding conveys everything for a business with a clear message and memorable graphics. Companies are well aware of the unique brand identity while printing and designing business cards, logos, brochures, letterhead, etc. As a successful name plate manufacturer, it’s essential to create a brand awareness of your products specifically on the nameplates.

Customers choose to work with name plate manufacturers, where name plates are well made and products are easily recognizable. It is significant to provide the best output understanding the power of a unique brand.

Ideal Printing and Branding

Clear and legible logo are an attractive formula in designing name plates. It recognizes your brand worldwide. Expert logo designs are produced in both screen print and digital print technologies. It is available in a range of designs that match up each customer’s requirement. Depending on the style and printing, it converts your product into a superior quality element.

Digital printing and Branding

It makes your name plate more colourful. If the logo has a group of colours that forms elegant graphics. Digital printing replicates this colour exactly on substrates that include vinyl, poly carbonate, aluminium, steel, etc. This makes Aluminium name plates attractive with colour filled logos. Digital printing also creates graphic overlays, membranes and switches that enhance your brand image.

Screen printing and Branding

Screen printing process displays your sharp colours and bold lines in a crisp effect. These striking name plates conveys your strong brand message. Highly saturated colours and sharp lines are easily achieved. This type of printing allows to create name plates on most of the metal substrates.  With precise information, a screen-printed name plates defines your company with ease.

Visual Design

Choosing colour may not be an easy task in manufacturing high quality name plates. Name plate manufacturers make it easy with a spectrum of capabilities and substrates. Selecting texture is also a significant part, matte and glossy textures create a lasting image of your product and brand. Domed name plates create an eye-popping brand display of your products. This visual design creates a striking brand image.

Quality Branding

Customers understand the importance of quality name plates. Graphic overlays or membranes that don’t resist hard temperatures, represents your business in a poor manner. Using aluminium substrates with a high quality withstands test of time and abrasion. It represents your brand for upcoming years.


Branding is an important part in creating awareness of your products and services. To ensure respected brand name, use high quality raw materials in manufacturing name plates. This makes your brand unique and shine among your competitors.

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Building a successful business that meets customers’ expectation, comes with the effective quality control system. It forms the basis of efficient business that reduces wastage and increases productivity. An efficient quality control system is a strong foundation that achieves a range of marketing benefits.

Best quality and reliable service are the factors that retain your customers. Name plate manufacturers make sure to inspect every aspect of the quality control before shipping onto customer’s hands. Implementing these quality control measures will shape the way that benefits your products to lead the market.

Here’s what that benefits your products with possibly best quality control

Be on the top

While considering the tough competition, name plate manufacturers choose high quality products that imprint their brand name efficiently. It provides a strong competitive edge among your competitors. Quality gives the standard to win over businesses from competitors who doesn’t meet the necessary standards.

Loyal customers and services

Customers enjoy all the products of a manufacturer, if it’s of high quality. Providing quality products increases the level of satisfaction and loyalty among our buyers. Satisfied clients will come back to the right manufacturers for reliable performance in the future. Most of the satisfied customers will refer these quality name plates, metal labels, etc. to other clients who are in need of assistance.

Brand reputation

Best quality communicates our brand image to potential customers. It enhances your brand reputation. Customers constantly view the products and give their feedback. If name plate manufacturers consider these feedbacks, they automatically gain excellence in attracting customers.

Endless benefits of ISO 9001

Hallmark your product with high standards. ISO 9001 identifies your Aluminium Name plates, Metal labels, graphic overlays, asset tags, etc with an efficient quality management system to ensure consistency. These standards enhance international recognition. Customers’ enjoy several benefits while working with an ISO certified company. It helps the manufacturers with consistent quality products and constant improvement.

Manageable cost

Cost is a significant factor for customers. They expect cost-effective and long-lasting products. Excellent quality helps in reducing the production cost. An efficient quality system helps to leverage the amount of wastage and rework. Maintaining these quality measures reduces the cost, time and energy spent on repairing or servicing the products.


Quality is a simple and effective word of mouth advertisement that creates great products with happy clients. Delivering a quality product reduces the expense and saves your production time as well. Quality control measures help in achieving better quality and satisfied clients.

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Did you know that few professionals actually make the mistake of choosing the wrong kind of labels for their business? They find out too late that these labels doesn’t suit their business. The reasons why some businesses fail to choose the right labels is due to the lack of knowledge in its applications and current trending designs.

Choosing the right label is important since it needs to last for a long time. Whether these labels are for tracking requirements, inventory needs or branding purposes, have the right kind of labels for whatever purpose it may be. There are different substrates used in manufacturing labels. Labels made out of metal provides better appearance and extended durability. These metal labels are great in multi-purpose use or in several one-time applications. It is a hard job to select from these varieties of labels

Custom printed metal labels:

It is shaped and designed according to the user’s specification. It is the most significant element in Asset management labels. They are printed with the product identification codes and electronic tracking serialization.

Anodized Aluminium labels:

Anodized aluminium labels are available in different shapes, colours and size. It finds applications in several promotional purposes and client specific uses. These products are customized as per the specification of clients. There is a wide range of anodized labels available at market leading prices. These metal labels are available along with glue for making them adhesive.

Etched Aluminium labels:

Etched aluminium labels are used in a range of automotive and industrial machineries. The printed labels are used in weighing scales, weighing charts and meter dials. These labels are highly durable and the finished products describe even small details as well.


Above classification is based on the different types of materials used in manufacturing metal labels. It is also important to choose the label according to their applications. It is specific to choose between indoor and outdoor applications.

For example: metal labels are used in harsher indoor environments and capable to withstand more beating. In this case, anodized aluminium and stainless steel are the two best options. Both these metals prove to be durable and strong, capable of handling hard environments, high humidity and other challenging elements.

Design and material is also a factor in choosing the right metal label. There may be difference in choosing the design and material based on the client’s intended purpose.

Budget is a significant factor while considering labels. If budget allows, customize your labels into more creative and quality products on the whole.


Metal labels are available in different materials and manufactured with a variety of technologies. Choosing the best one is always a tough job. But make sure to select the label based on your application needs.

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Recently, there is a hike in using nameplates solely for branding purposes. Name plate manufacturers receive lots of orders to create unique and trending name plates that establishes their product quality and brand identity. They use different metals to showcase this identity.

The orders range from stainless steel to aluminum name plates, with just a logo to nameplates that includes product features and company taglines. But most of the name plate manufacturers underutilized them as a promotional tool. Instead of using vinyl decal, consider metal name plates for increased brand authority.  It creates a unique sense of quality and proclaims a bold statement about your products. Adding a quality nameplate to your products increases the perceived value among your customers.

Metal Name plate and its applications:

It is an efficient method to convey your brand message not only to employees, also vendors, customers and even contractors. It has a variety of applications in various industries like aerospace, telecommunication, manufacturing, military and much more depending on the quality of nameplates and inventory purpose. It is easy to be customized according to the user’s needs and expectations. While considering inventory control system, name plates can be designed with the name of a specific piece of equipment or machinery, serial number, inspection date, model number, inspection date, safety information and more. Based on the customer specification, laser, etching and customization are the additional offers in nameplates.

Anodized aluminum is a better choice in indoor and outdoor applications. It has the ability to withstand harsh environments, extreme temperatures, acids, sunlight, salt spray, and fungus. They also resist tough indoor applications like factories and warehouses. With this anodized film, it stays for a long time and manufactured in vibrant colour combinations. Metal name plates made from these anodized aluminum are used in preparing company identity, industrial tags, serial number plates, dials, templates, scales and rating plates with additional uses as well.

Apart from the above listed applications, metal nameplates find great applications in asset tags, machinery, appliances, automotive, boats, signs, cosmetics, computers, recreational vehicles and the list continues.

Customers rely on quality and standard name plates to establish their brand identity. Name plate manufacturers provide several additional features to enhance the quality of your metals and makes it a popular brand. Few customers may feel that choosing a name plate is more expensive than decals or tags, but the additional cost will transform the look of your nameplates into professionally appealing and highly demanding.


Name plate is a need in the industry. Regardless of the type of metals, true professional with years of experience has the skill to create finished products that represent your brand positively.

In the growing business world, manufacturers are constantly looking for different ways to stand out from their competitors. Continued innovation and attractive marketing campaigns are the easiest ways to accomplish a competitive edge.

Metal tags support in building attractive marketing material. It’s easy to produce a variety of metals according to our desired shape, thickness, and dimensions. Although, it is customized based on the user specific requirements. But a new trending product always has a better value in front of your clients. The ultimate goal is to showcase your brand identity with constant visibility. Come out from the usual trend of gold and silver shades. Try casting a range of mixed bright and mild colours that provides high-end recognition.

Imagine your tags with unique colour combos. Coloured Aluminum tag follows an easy way of colour coding that identifies different equipment, pipe, lockers, tools, electric wires and machineries. These tags are easily stamped, engraved and specially flattened to use in certain embossing machines. Coloured metal tag equipments are used in various industries to colour code product metal name plates. It is also used as identification tags or Asset tags in tracing the products.  It features radius corners, smooth standards and pre-punched holes for easy applications. It is suitable for rough usage and withstands any harsh environments.

Coloured rectangular metal tag:

It is available in a variety of thickness. It is placed with different hole configurations that ensures correct metal tags according to your business needs.

Rectangular tags have great applications in displaying product information, identifying certain equipments or machineries.

Coloured Oval metal tags:

These are brightly coloured metal tags like military dog tag style. It is not completely into oval shape, but shaped with rolled edges. This shape makes it easy in various types of marking and identification.

Coloured Round tags:

It is available in bright colours with round shapes. It is used in applications that require tags with varying thickness.

Round tags are popular and has a variety of applications in industries.

Coloured octagonal tags:

Octagonal metal tags are used in a variety of industrial applications. It is specially flattened to use in metal embossing machines.

These tags are popular and available in bright colours.

Colour strips and Cable tags:

It is available in a variety of dimensions and manufactured to quality standards. It is available in single tags as well as scored breakaway tags in different configurations.


Coloured metal tags, are easy to use and attractive marketing tool. In inventory, asset identification and shipping, nothing beats the durability of metal tags. Choose reliable tags to establish a reliable product identification.

With the scorching summer and frozen winter, it’s hard for products which come in more contact with outdoor exposure. Manufacturers insist their products to withstand harsh environments and varying seasons. Regardless of the products, whether it has any outdoor applications or certain other products that often come their way out of the indoor building. You can choose weatherproof metal labels to combat with humidity, rain and heat throughout the end of the summer.

Weather resistant ladder labels:

These tags are made out of anodized aluminum labels with an extra Aluma-tough feature. It is resistant to stand up any harsh conditions. It has great applications in ladder and most of the customers use this label on fixed ladders for years and years.

Aluma tough weather resistant tags:

It is designed to meet hard specifications in commercial, military and government applications. Their durability and photo-quality printing make them the standard tags that withstand any harsh environments and outdoor settings.

It is UV stabilized and permanently sealed with anodized aluminum. It is virtually invulnerable to abrasion, chemicals, heat, spray and sunlight. It is guaranteed for 20+ years of outdoor applications.

Durable labels:

Metal labels with extended durability is an ideal choice to use in summertime product packaging. Custom labels are made out of durable materials. In this customization service, manufacturers make these labels aesthetically pleasing with a better design as well as tough to serve in humid and wet conditions.

Users may target these labels for a specific time of the year. In the warmer season, users may choose to incorporate relevant themes related to the month or in winter, users may choose some winter related themes. It is easy to include colour themes and design changes for outdoor purposes in spring and summer seasons.

Remember, it’s a tough game to withstand competition in this printing field. Most of the nameplate manufacturers choose durable and weather resistant labels to proclaim their products’ efficiency in summer or spring seasons. The only way to differentiate your service from others is to take an extra step in personalization and customization effects. The safest option is to rely on unique images that indicates your brand mission. After which, build your design that stays long for a summer.


Metal labels have several applications in schematics, service diagrams and machine control panels. Weather resistant labels will protect your hard work in manufacturing, packing and marketing the products. But the real fact lies between choosing the material and use of the right service provider.

It’s simple to create an attractive and durable brand identity with the help of etched nameplates. Even after the test of time, weather and chemical reactions, the etched copy stay legible without lacking in quality. The etched areas are visible to a natural finish and filled with paint. Since paint is filled below the surface of the metal, it is less sensitive to abrasion. Aluminium, brass, stainless steel are the most common materials used in designing etched nameplates. Etched Aluminium nameplates are often used due to its variety of applications. It has great applications in aerospace and commercial industries.

In order to keep anything in a perfect condition, cleaning and maintenance are essential. These nameplates have to be cleaned regularly to prevent them from dull look and disintegration. The type of cleaning depends on the type of metals. Cleaning metals in a wrong way may affect the look and quality of the metals, even if it’s rustproof or tarnish.

Basically four types of metals are utilized while etching nameplates. They are stainless steel, brass, aluminium and bronze. As a primary cleaning method, you can use old soap and water to remove oil, dirt and dust. After cleaning, the metal retains its shiny finish. If it’s rather dirty, then few additional methods have to be followed to make it look good.

Steps to clean Aluminium metal name plates:

  • For aluminium metal nameplates, use a dish wash bar to remove the surface dirt. This washing will remove the greasy dirt and deep-seated dust particles from the metal.
  • Next, slice a lemon piece and dip it into salt. Use this salted lemon to scrub on your aluminium metal plate surface.
  • Now, wipe off this salted lemon with a clean rag and then buff off the surface with a clean as well as dry cloth.

Maintenance of Aluminium Etched Metal Name Plates:
A maintenance schedule is essential from small vehicle parts, appliances to huge equipments. In order to keep these etched name plates look good, certain maintenance measures have to be followed by the user. It should be maintained until you feel that nameplates have to be replaced.

Check out a few tips to be followed in the maintenance schedule:

  • Metal name plates placed outdoor needs more maintenance than plates used for indoor applications.
  • Most of these metals are made out of corrosion resistant metal. Hence it needs special care while cleaning. Some metals are prone to scratches, some are resilient that comes out with no scratches even after using rough cloth.
  • Check the complication of print on these plates. It may require extra cleaning.
  • Special tools are needed, while taking out the dirt that is stuck in the metal grooves. Wooden cuticle stick is a tool used in this cleaning process.
  • Remove the greasy dirt by using a gentle dish washing liquid.

Maintenance is essential to safeguard your metal name plates from destruction. This schedule has to be planned and followed in a routine basis for further polished look and durable nameplates.

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Nameplates, labels, tags… It is familiar among the mankind nearly for a decade, but as the technologies grow faster people look for more exposure following the latest trends. The sole responsibility of these markings is to create a brand identity for your company. It represents the various angles of brand creation.

Marking a unique identification for your product is a big deal. Virtually, all the products are labelled with some sort of identification and tracking information as well. Hence, manufacturers prefer long-lasting and consistent metal labels to organize their business process.

What is a metal label?
It displays the basic information about your product or service on the metal surface. Some of the commonly used metal surfaces include Aluminium, anodized aluminium, Brass, Stainless steel, etc.

Where to use these labels?
Manufacturers choose to engrave labels for better durability. It has a variety of applications in the field of military, industrial, aerospace and commercial uses. It is serialized and performs well in identification purposes such as Asset tags, equipment ID, valve tags, all types of panels and safety signage.

Aluminium labels in product identification:
Aluminium label is a cost-effective solution to identify your products. This metal is a popular choice for various identification needs because it offers flexible design and durability. It can be molded into any shape or size based on the type of applications.

For indoor applications, it is available in a variety of finishes and unique colour codes. While choosing this metal, it provides increased resistance to corrosion and other oxidants.

For outdoor application, it is durable to withstand the harshest environments and varying climatic conditions. It has great applications in industries, machines and equipment tracking. It provides excellent fabrication and machining. It is shaped according to the industrial needs by mixing it up with alloys under various thickness.

Anodized Aluminium labels:
It is almost similar to aluminium labels, but it provides an extra anodic layer for more protection. The graphics sealed beneath this layer is resistant to weather, chemicals, solvents, and corrosion. It is an ideal choice for labels which require great abrasion resistance. A photosensitized anodized aluminium provides ultra-durable labels. These labels are exposed in various colour options like red, green, blue, copper and gold. It provides better adhesion to glues and paint primers than bare metal.

Label is significant in every industrial application. While choosing metal labels, it performs well in the harshest environment, chemicals, outdoor exposure, and extreme temperatures. It is essential to choose the right metal based on the industrial applications. Choose quality labels that lasts for a lifetime.

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Aluminum is an abundant resource. It forms the little cover of Earth’s crust with a ratio of 8%, but it is the most abundant metal on earth. It plays a crucial role in designing commercial and lifestyle products. At recent times, Aluminum has a diverse range of applications in printing and utensils.

Why Aluminum is used in printing?

Lightness is the notable property. These light weight sheets are easy to handle while printing Aluminum nameplates, Aluminum labels, etc.

Strength is another major property. Aluminum combines with different metals to form alloys. Certain applications can be modified with the composition of alloys. These alloys give them a great strength.

It is resistant to corrosion by generating a protective layer of oxide. This helps in creating corrosion resistant Aluminum tags, Aluminum asset tags. It is useful in the protection and conservation of these tags.

Ductility is the significant property with low density and melting point that shapes the product at the final stage of designing.

Some of the Aluminum based products

Aluminum Nameplates:

Nameplates are customized into different shapes and size according to the customer specification. These nameplates are furnished to withstand harsh environments. Aluminum is electrically charged with sulphuric acid, which is oxidized in a controlled manner to open the pores. It is then printed using screen printing or digital printing technology.

Anodized Aluminum labels:

Many sectors are involved in manufacturing and exporting a wide spectrum of anodized labels. Labels are used for both product identification and promotional purpose. These labels can be bent, stamped, embossed or machined. It is manufactured using the best raw materials from Aluminum and its alloys.

Anodized Aluminum nameplates:

Aluminum has a property to resist high temperature, hence anodizing Aluminum provides high resistance products which cannot be applied in any of the paper or plastics. The attractive design and durability make it an indispensable part in conveying information, branding and identifying equipment. These nameplates are used in several applications like Serial Number Tags, Rulers Dials & Scales Valve Tags, Control Panels, Asset Tags, Promotional Items, Business Cards, and Chain Tags.


Metal Nameplate is a right choice in applications like company branding, ratings, loadings and safety information. Aluminum is a great resource in printing services. Several printing process is accomplished through this metal. The implementation of modern printing techniques and quality printing materials will assure your Aluminum nameplates, tags or labels with a sheen look and lifelong service.