Kinelectro Products and Capabilities

  • Aluminium Name Plates to suit indoor, chemical and harsh outdoor environments.
  • Equipped to manage low and high volume orders with ease.
  • High Precision CNC machines finished MIMIC Panels and Fascia Panels.
  • High Quality 3M and Nitto Pressure sensitive adhesives for Industrial Stickers, Fascia Panels, MIMIC Panels.
  • High Precision color matching process for Industrial Logo,Fascia Panels,MIMIC Panels and Graphic Overlays.
  • Multi-stage quality checks to ensure requirement compliance.
  • All in house operations with minimal dependency on sub-contracts.
  • Experienced and dedicated team to process your orders.
  • Kinelectroline Facia panels
  • Kinelectroline Mimic Panels
  • Kinelectroline Graphic Overlays
  • Kinelectroline Name plates
  • Switch Legends and Info labels
  • Identification Labels
  • Calibration Labels
  • Kinelectrolines Tag makers
  • Kinelectrolines Safety Signages


  • Kinelectrolines client Bosch
  • Kinelectrolines client Bicon
  • Kinelectrolines client RS Components
  • Kinelectrolines client Makino
  • Kinelectrolines client Fowler westrup
  • Kinelectrolines client btw

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Kinelctrolines Services

About Kinelectro

Welcome to Kinelectro Lines. We are a leading Industrial anodized Aluminum nameplate manufacturers. We provide complete branding and engineering signage solution by manufacturing and supplying customized anodized aluminium name plates, duraflex and aluminium metal labels, fascia panels,MIMIC panels, graphic overlays, push buttons, switch legends,nightglow stickers,info labels and Barcode Assest Naming and Numbering Tags etc. We ship worldwide, accept minimum order quantity.

With over 20 years in the business, we are best at understanding your drawings and can anticipate what you might need. At Kinelectro Lines we have developed a specialized anodizing process, along with a custom ink formula that balances high quality and cost. The aluminum sheet is then precision cut to meet you exact design specification. At Kinelectro Lines we stand by our quality. It's a promise we can deliver on, With our emphasis on a thorough process, use of the right equipment and our passion for details. Apart from Aluminum we also print on Polycarbonate, Polyester, Vinyl, and other substrates.

We are specialized in poreprint manufacturing anodized aluminium nameplates,MIMIC Panels and Fascia Panels. We fulfill all your needs of industrial signs, labels and tags. We thrive on successful and happy customers and we would love to help you, deliver a great product. We look forward to your order. We ship world wide with no minimum order quantities.

Kinelectrolines Team